Advisory Council

William M. Murray, Chair

Theresa Kazmierczak , Past Chair

Marilyn Ciancio

Carol Greiner

Barbara Hughes

Seymour H. Knox IV

Christopher Wasp

Michal Wadsworth

Ellen Pierino

Ronald Hortman

Karen Pusateri

Calvin Rand, Emeritus

Lindy Korn   

Holly Levy

Mary F. Young

Thomas P. McNulty

Mary Ann Kresse


The Center for the Arts has established an Advisory Council to assist the Center in its mission.  The Advisory Council will provide support and advice to the Director and Senior Staff members in the areas of, but not limited to:

  • Long-Term Planning and Strategy
  • Development
  • Outreach and Enrichment Programming
  • Public Relations

Members of the Advisory Council will seek to strengthen ties between the community and industry by building upon the strengths of the Center. Together, the Director and the Council members will identify opportunities, generate resources, and use their knowledge and experience to assist the Center.

The members of the Advisory Council will be advocates for the Center in the University, in the community, and in all appropriate forums within and external to the University. This advocacy will involve promoting the strengths and capabilities of the Center to enhance its reputation locally and nationally. Advocacy will also involve providing leadership in identifying and seeking private sources of support from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Advisory Council members will support the Center with an annual financial commitment.

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