The Ugly Duckling & The Tortoise and the Hare Image

The Ugly Duckling & The Tortoise and the Hare

Corbian & Lightwire Theatre Presents
Thu Jan 24th, 2013 at 10:00 am

At Mainstage Theatre


Appropriate for Grades K-4



School Groups only of 10 or more...........

Educators: to reserve seats email [email protected] or call 645-6771

Performance approx. one hour

School time series not open to the general public

A twist on classics!!

Light Wire Theater and Corbian Visual Arts and Dance bring new life to a pair of classic tales, Hans Christian Andersen's "The Ugly Duckling" and Aesop's fable, "The Tortoise and The Hare." Lined with electroluminescent wire, these well-known characters continue the Corbian tradition as they illuminate the darkened stage and wend their way into audiences' hearts.

The Ugly Duckling

Of the five eggs in Mother Duck's nest, one is the largest and last to hatch. Bigger and paler than the others, this last hatchling is treated as an outsider by Mother Duck and her ducklings. He may be the best swimmer of the brood, but this alone is not enough to ensure his acceptance. Knowing only rejection, this Ugly Duckling goes out into the wild alone. Reflecting upon his plight under the glow of a remote willow tree, he sees a wily cat creeping in the direction of Mother Duck's nest. The Ugly Duckling follows and watches as one lagging duckling is captured and taken back to the cat's lair. In true heroic fashion, this Ugly Duckling succeeds in vanquishing the cat and rescuing the captured duckling. Celebrated by Mother Duck and her ducklings for his uniqueness, all realize that he may have been an ugly duckling, but he has grown into a beautiful and powerful swan.

The Tortoise and the Hare

Ridiculed by the Hare, the Tortoise challenges him to a race. They set off and the Hare takes a commanding lead right away. Thinking he will win easily, the Hare allows himself to be distracted with many modern day activities; texting, video games and the paparazzi, of course. The Tortoise continues to trudge along at his methodical pace and, despite the fact that the Hare is a swifter creature, wins the race due to his discipline and fortitude.


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