School Time Adventure Series 2018-19

Now in its 21st year, UB Center for the Arts continues its popular School Time Adventure Series. Affordable, age-appropriate productions with daytime performances serve as an introduction to live theatre, concert dance and music for students and their teachers. The program is not open to the general public and is directly marketed to schools/teachers in Western New York. On average, 14,000 students grades K-12 have attended this program yearly.

Each year and especially this current year, several school districts have faced severe financial setbacks.  Decline in state and federal funding, dwindling tax base. These declines have unfortunately forced school districts to re-evaluate the affordability of sending there students on "field trips" and services not deemed "essential" to the required educational plan. As you might imagine, the most vulnerable of these services, once considered essential for student enrichment is now considered "optional", and that is arts education. This has forced a drastic decline and often termination of performing arts field trips. It is now quite possible that a student who attends an urban school in an underserved community might conceivably complete a 12-year learning cycle without being exposed to a performing arts experience. 

Since the beginning, our ticket price for the series has remained low. This year, the UB Department of Theatre and Dance  have made funds available for a Transportation Stipend Program to allow underserved schools without transportation funding to attend performances by allowing the schools to apply for funding. The following performances will be included in the stipend program: Pippin, Julius Caesar and Zodiaque Dance Company. To find out how to apply for the transportation stipend program, please click here.

 For more information on the School Time Adventure Series, contact Karen Dunn at (716)645-6771 or email [email protected]





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