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Advertise in the Center for the Arts Publications!

The Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization that operates primarily on earned revenue.  We offer a wide range of marketing, advertising and sponsorship opportunities. The support of advertisers makes the production of our playbill and magazine possible. We will work with you to find the right advertising options to suit your business needs

Our programs are the most varied in the area, and appeal to a broad demographic and socioeconomic patron base. We attract patrons from all areas of Western New York, Northern Pennsylvania, and Southern Ontario.

Our Patrons Make Great Customers!

90% possess a college or advanced degree
72% are female
37% have an average income of $50,000 and above
66% are between 25-59 years of age
61% have children in the household

More than 150,000 patrons attend our performances annually.
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The Center's patrons are generally upscale and well-educated customers located throughout Western New York.  Your business can gain access to this desirable audience as an advertiser in the Center's playbill.  Our playbills now include feature articles, behind-the-scenes information, advertiser business profiles, and other items of interest.  Many patrons take the playbill home with them for future reference following the performance, increasing the number of valuable impressions your ad will receive. Click here to download a sample playbill (4MB).

The Center distributes over 58,000 copies of its magazine two times per year free of charge.  This list has grown by about 20% each year.  About 42,500 copies are mailed directly to homes of patrons who have purchased tickets to our events and/or requested to be on our mailing list. About 7,700 are mailed directly to UB faculty and professional staff.  The entire magazine, with advertisements, can also be viewed and downloaded from our website.  Click here to download the magazine now.

For More Information:
Karin Duggan - Advertising Executive - (716) 645-6774 or  (716) 432-4892
or [email protected]





The Center partners with local businesses looking for a stronger way to connect with our patrons.  Business sponsors take advantage a broad range of creative marketing opportunities while publicly supporting the arts in Western New York.

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