Marlene McCarty  

Marlene McCarty’s two-part installation in Buffalo, New York, Into the Weeds, features a forest of drawings, a compost pile and an earthwork composed of poisonous plants—a living, growing monument to the deep past and near future.

The installations showed the work of interdisciplinarity—what occurs when creative people share expertise, resources and time on behalf of a large-scale effort. Productive and essential partnerships abounded with Silo City, the UB Art Galleries, the School of Architecture and Planning, PUSH Buffalo, and the UB Departments of Art, Environment and Sustainability, Media Study and Transnational Studies working together to realize the multi-faceted project.

The project was covered by Frieze Magazine in the November-December issue, with additional international press forthcoming. Thus far the show will be traveling to Basel, Switzerland, as well as Milwaukee, WI. The opening at UB Art Gallery, Center for the Arts was the largest to date, numbering well over 300 guests. The daily tally of visitors is also the largest to date.




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