UB Arts Collaboratory


The UB Arts Collaboratory is an innovative strategic initiative of the UB College of Arts and Sciences that fosters collaboration and experimentation across the university and throughout Western New York.

The Arts Collaboratory cultivates a creative exchange among the arts disciplines housed at the UB Center for the Arts (CFA), and has reimagined the CFA as a dynamic social hub for creative interactions and community-building. As the headquarters of the Arts Collaboratory, the CFA is among the creative spaces in Buffalo that will make the process of collaboration visible. In tandem with campus collaborations, the Arts Collaboratory engages the Buffalo community in special projects both in the city and at the CFA. Both the Arts Collaboratory and the CFA aspire to be welcoming spaces for students, faculty, staff and the community to gather to experience, learn about and participate in cross-disciplinary art-making.


The CFA is a multidisciplinary arts venue housing the Departments of Art, Media Study, Music, and Theatre and Dance with world class galleries, theaters, studios and rehearsal spaces. It supports the work and scholarship of UB’s students and faculty from across the College of Arts and Sciences and the University at Buffalo. 

With the advent of the UB Arts Collaboratory, the CFA is undergoing a period of transition, one that aims to bring creativity out from behind studio, classroom and rehearsal space doors and into the open. The CFA atrium has been reimagined as a space of experimentation, one that offers an opportunity to cross disciplines with the aim to collaborate and innovate.

The CFA hosts exhibitions, theatrical and musical productions, rehearsals, workshops and presentations that are open to all UB students and the Buffalo community. 


There is an ideal ecosystem in which art can thrive. It must provide the resources artists need. Affordable housing. Spaces for studios, exhibitions and performances. An engaged audience. And most importantly, the company of other artists.

There remain a handful of American cities where artists can dedicate themselves to their passion. Where they can be free to live their art. Buffalo is one of those places.

An architecturally stunning city, Buffalo has a thriving avant-garde scene that dates to the 1970s. The animated spirit of the young people from that era and the community they built remains remarkably fertile ground for the arts. Creativity is contagious. In the right setting, ideas grow, multiply and spread.

The UB Arts Collaboratory intends to create an environment where creativity can flourish, by pulling down barriers between disciplines and encouraging collaboration. For those who want to leave a mark on the world, there will be no better home than Buffalo.

The Arts Collaboratory intends to make the University at Buffalo and the Buffalo-Niagara region one of the best places in America to LIVE YOUR ART.


Bronwyn Keenan, Director, UB Arts Collaboratory
[email protected]

Jamie M. Enser, Executive Director, UB Center for the Arts [email protected]

Mani Mehrvarz, Coordinator, UB Arts Collaboratory
[email protected]