The Impossible Project - Discrimination

The Impossible Project - Discrimination Image

The Impossible Project - Discrimination


UB Center for the Arts
Friday, December 6, 2019
5–7 p.m.
FREE Event • @ubcfa

Thirty-two scholars, seven peer mentors, six faculty advisors, five film students and one impossible project.

Coming off last semester's outstanding exhibition, "Revolution: Civil Rights at UB (1960-1975), "the UB Presidential Scholars, within the Honors College are tasked with another "impossible" exercise for the fall: proposing a cross-disciplinary solution to the problem of discrimination.  "The Impossible Project" is intentionally challenging-inviting students to embrace the fear of failure-and in the process, develop creative, resilient and collaborative skills to tackle large and complex problems.

In collaboration with UB’s
Arts Collaboratory, Center for the Arts, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, University Honors College, Office of Inclusive Excellence

Refreshments provided by: Dapper Goose