Live Your Art (At Home): Week of April 20

Live Your Art (At Home): Week of April 20 Image

Join us on Instagram at @artscollaboratory for this week’s lineup of lively IGTV programming spotlighting some of the artists who make Buffalo’s creative scene hum.

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Monday, April 20: The How Now Show with Kevin Cain
Half talk show, half isolation-inspired artwork, The How Now Show is an episodic adventure in understanding how Buffalo’s creative community is making work now that the structure of sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas has shifted. Hosted by the great Kevin Cain, who is known for his keen eye and ear for talent and soulful cultural programming at Buffalo’s Silo City and Duende.

Tuesday, April 21: Doodle Demo with Pam Glick
Buffalo painter and master doodler, Pam Glick, returns with Episode 3 of her popular weekly Doodle Demo and gives viewers some homework prior to Tuesday’s show: listen to The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Hearing the song recently on the radio, Pam was struck by how playful metaphors can change with the times, becoming at once ominous, yet oddly familiar and soothing. Share your doodles with @artscollaboratory!

Wednesday, April 22: Wooden Cities Reads Gertrude Stein
UB Department of Music alumni, Brendan Fitzgerald and Ethan Hayden, perform together from across a 200-mile expanse, arranging some selections from Gertrude Stein's poetry for voice, percussion, and electronics. In 2019, the Wooden Cities ensemble contributed the stunning musical score for the Arts Collaboratory film, Live Your Art, which documents the experience of living and working in Buffalo as an artist. See the film and hear the score at

Thursday, April 23: I have a baby whose name is no one by Mary Grace Sullivan and Hanyu Liao
Originally conceived as part of the Arts Collaboratory’s spring season of live events, UB’s Hanyu Liao and Mary Grace Sullivan’s I have a baby whose name is no one was planned as a site-specific performance at 500 Seneca. It has since been reimagined as a series of videos that, through imagery and reflection, show a new phase of their collaboration. For Thursday’s episode, Liao and Sullivan remotely connect with the cast of UB and Buffalo community dancers and artists, strengthening and rebuilding their memories of physically creating the project. They reflect upon their vision for the work and how it resonates in their bodies despite the removal of the spatial and physical constructs of the piece.