Live Your Art (At Home): Week of May 4

Live Your Art (At Home): Week of May 4 Image

Join us on Instagram at @artscollaboratory for this week’s lineup of lively IGTV programming spotlighting some of the artists who make Buffalo’s creative scene hum.

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Monday, May 4: The How Now Show, Episode 2
The second helping of How Now arrives on Monday! Although Kevin Cain is the consummate nerd, there will be no references to The Force, or any “galaxy long ago and far, far away.” Instead, the second installment of this episodic adventure into the creative brain reef of Buffalo will focus on the creation of new and interesting work in the present and real situation of a shifting reality. This episode will feature Melissa Rivera of Chango4, Katie Weissman and Kyla Kegler. Toni Haugen of Queen City Health and Wellness will take us through a Qigong breathing exercise, and Noah Falck will continue to read poems from his upcoming book, Exclusions.

Tuesday, May 5: Work In Real Time, Episode 2
Work In Real Time is back with a new IGTV format on @artscollaboratory. Get ready for a month of inspiration, drama, and decision-making as we determine which talented Buffalo artist will win $1,500 and the collective expertise of our panel of judges to help realize their dreams. Big hearty welcome and congratulations to our three gutsy final contestants: Natalie Dilenno, Sarah Hanna and Gabriella Victoria!

Wednesday, May 6: Doodle Demo with Pam Glick
Artist/superhero Pam Glick has been in what is now a four-week battle with coronavirus, which got in the way of her taping Spring Fantasy Romance last week. Pam is gung-ho to muse and doodle on the subject of romance, given that it is spring and all. She will be revisiting the fantasy of spring romance on Wednesday and it better not be snowing!

Thursday, May 7: For No One with Karis Jones
UB MFA student Karis Jones invites us into her makeshift studio to share how she is working during life under quarantine. Her work investigates the unfamiliar nature of the human condition, exposing the frail, unusual essence of the human form. Karis says that she is attempting to break down homosapiens into their most basic and intimate structure. Seems like an opportune time to do that!