Live Your Art (At Home): Week of May 11

Live Your Art (At Home): Week of May 11 Image

Join us on Instagram at @artscollaboratory for this week’s lineup of lively IGTV programming spotlighting some of the artists who make Buffalo’s creative scene hum.

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Monday, May 11: Wooden Cities, Episode 2
Ethan Hayden and Brendan Fitzgerald return with Episode 2 of Wooden Cities Reads Gertrude Stein. The artists perform together from across a 200-mile expanse, arranging some selections from Gertrude Stein’s poetry for voice, percussion and electronics.


Tuesday, May 12: Sky Translations with Laura Marris
It’s a little-known fact that Albert Camus worked briefly as a meteorologist. Join UB Creative Writing instructor Laura Marris for a look at translating some of the most beautiful sky passages in her current translation project, Camus’ novel "The Plague." Along with a chance to collaboratively translate some of our own Buffalo skies, we'll explore the practice of translation as a form of collective looking up.


Wednesday, May 13: Work In Real Time, Episode 3
Buffalo artist, seamstress and designer Sarah Hanna is featured during Wednesday’s edition of Work In Real Time. Sarah grew up on Niagara Street here in Buffalo and taught themself to sew when they were seven years old. They will share their spring/summer line, known as Chew Toy, and the inspiration for their work—factories by the water, lichen-rusted abandoned buildings, toys and other detritus scattered on Buffalo's windblown streets. Sarah’s goal for Chew Toy is to be inclusive and provide familiarity and comfort. Check it out on Wednesday!

Thursday, May 14: Doodle Demo with Pam Glick
The inimitable Pam Glick is back with Episode 4 of her refreshing Doodle Demo, with an Ode to Mrs. Wadsworth, Agnes Martin and Frank Stella. Mrs. Wadsworth was Pam’s first grade teacher and kept the ever-talkative Pam preoccupied with lined paper as she taught class! Tag along with pencils and lined paper for doodling-meditative fun!


Friday, May 15: Maryam Muliaee and Naila Ansari’s Embodied Landscape
Maryam Muliaee and Naila Ansari share a follow up to their first edition of Embodied Landscape. Their multimedia production reflects on the history of Buffalo’s lost architecture: The Marble Temple. Built in 1913 for M&T headquarters, The Marble Temple was demolished in 1959 and its marble columns were partly preserved. Embodied Landscape depicts a tactile relationship between the female body and the bodies of marble stones, suggesting a meditation on the idea of architecture as event.

Saturday, May 16: Work In Real Time, Episode 4
Natalie Dilenno is our final contestant on Episode 4 of Work In Real Time. Being confined inside during the Coronavirus quarantine has inspired Natalie to create a body of work employing the suitcase as a site to further analyze her individual—and our collective—experience of feeling cramped and bound up. Natalie observes that suitcases carry one's world through wandering. Join us on Saturday to discover more about her dream project!