Live Your Art (At Home): Week of May 17

Live Your Art (At Home): Week of May 17 Image

Join us on Instagram at @artscollaboratory for this week’s lineup of lively IGTV programming spotlighting some of the artists who make Buffalo’s creative scene hum.

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Sunday, May 17: Trailer for It’s You I Like
Kyla Kegler enlists five people living in five different cities around the world to perform themselves to a fictional score about remote love and connection today. The drama unfolds over three episodes in a weekly miniseries, like reality TV but live and full of empathy. It's You I Like incorporates teachings of Fred Rogers, Brene Brown’s theory on vulnerability, and other holistic coping strategies to generate drama that fully confuses the line between reality and fiction, with hopes to leave us all feeling a little less alone. The show premiers on Sunday, May 24 at 4 p.m. EST. Stay tuned for details on reserving your seat in the Zoom room.


Monday, May 18: The How Now Show, Episode 3
Join us for Episode 3 of The How Now Show with Kevin Cain. Kevin features the mental gymnastics of James Currie, associate professor in UB’s Department of Music. Buffalo-based band The Midnight Vein will premier their new video, “Till it Explodes,” with Kevin in conversation with musicians John Toohill, Jess Wegrzyn and Mark Duggan about the process of making the video and how they manage to be creative during quarantine. As always, How Now will be joined by Toni Huagen of Queen City Wellness as she guides viewers through another Qigong meditation. 


Tuesday, May 19: Songs of My Fish Tank with Julia Anne Cordani
Fish who serve as companion animals live their entire lives in tanks, meaning they become a candid example for many of us now in lockdown of what it means to be caged or free. Songs of My Fish Tank is a miniature recital project by classical soprano Julia Anne Cordani that aims to use songs exploring themes of water, the sea, freedom, and isolation through the lens of a fish tank. The songs are sung and edited together over footage of Cordani's betta fish living out his days in his tank, complete with subtitled and translated texts.

Wednesday, May 20: Work In Real Time, Final Episode
Tune in to find out who among our three artist-contestants has been awarded $1,500 and the expertise of the Work In Real Time panel of judges! Three artists, three pitches—let’s give it up for Gabriella Victoria, Sarah Hanna, and Natalie Dilenno! The judges were all so impressed with each of the video submissions—great work coming out of Buffalo arts scene! Be sure to check out the final episode of this edition of Work in Real Time.


Wednesday, May 20: NADA Art Fair opens
Join the Arts Collaboratory at the NADA Art Fair, opening on May 20 and running through June 21. The Arts Collaboratory will spotlight work from the Buffalo arts community, the painters Pam Glick and Annie Bielski.


Friday, May 22: Hands That See, Do by Jillian Daniels
Hands That See, Do is a reflection on Jillian Daniels’ life and practice through an observational study of her hands. Interacting with frequented locations both pre and post-COVID 19, her video is an ode to the hands: hands that will continue to design, create, and destroy through the madness, uncertainty, processes and interactions that drive them.