Live Your Art (At Home): Week of June 7

Live Your Art (At Home): Week of June 7 Image

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Sunday, June 7: It’s You I Like: Work
Kyla Kegler and friends are taking a pause before creating the last episode of It’s You I Like—which takes on the subject of work—to do some WORK in effecting change.

Monday, June 8: Michael Mwenso and the Shakes
Michael Mwenso shares music and musings in a video shot from his home in Harlem. Michael hopes to deliver a message to “carry on.” He says “we have been put in this situation for a reason and feel as if love will be the substance that we need to survive.” Mwenso and the Shakes performed with the Colored Musician’s Club International Jazz Festival in 2018 and are scheduled to return to Buffalo in spring 2021 for a residency as part of the Arts Collaboratory’s season of programming.

Tuesday, June 9: Naila Ansari and Marquis Burton: Pause. Breath. But Don’t Stop.
Naila Ansari and Marquis Burton return with a new dance-poetry collaboration, Pause. Breath. But Don’t Stop. The practice of movement and words allows for moments of breath and pause without stopping. Reflecting on recent events and murders of Black folks in America, Ansari and Burton look to bring healing—and also a recognition that this time in history is not just a moment of revolution, but rather an alternative way of existing.

Wednesday, June 10: Pam Glick at NADA Art Fair
Take a visit to Niagara Falls during Week 3 of Fair by the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA), which resumes with a second artwork by Buffalo-based artist Pam Glick from her ongoing series, Dream House: Niagara-USA-Canada, an exploration of the “imaginary geography” of America and a celebration of the sublime beauty and hypnotic pull of the falls. Visit NADA’s viewing room to take a look at Glick’s epic gestural painting.


Thursday, June 11: Regeneration of Marlene McCarty’s earthwork at Silo City, Into the Weeds
Last week Marlene received a message from Josh Smith, the ecological steward at Silo City: “I’m weeding the weeds.” Regeneration of the Into the Weeds earthwork at Silo City is burgeoning through the collaborative symbiosis of Josh twining knowledge and bodily engagement sensitively with the self-wilding intelligence of the plants. This year we are honored to have the vast majority of last year’s plant species make the decision to join us again. Additionally, we are excited to have seven new species of powerful plants who have self-organized and voluntarily planted themselves in the earthwork. In his second to last book, The Power of Movement in Plants, Darwin posits that the root of the plant is its brain used to sensitively and intelligently analyze its surrounding to navigate the soil. Intelligence is an inevitable aspect of all self-organized systems.

Friday, June 12: Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods
Spike Lee’s new film, Da 5 Bloods, is essential viewing when it drops today on Netflix. The action adventure tale of four black veterans who return to Vietnam more than 40 years after the war is a "modern parable about the enduring depravations of war and the false promises of American individualism." As Spike observes in the NY Times last month, “All of us, and humanity as a whole, have to learn to think about more than just ourselves...we’ve got to support one another. We can’t go back to what we were doing in B.C., before corona, with great inequalities between the have and have-nots.”