Live Your Art (At Home): Week of July 5

Live Your Art (At Home): Week of July 5 Image

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Sunday, July 5: It’s You I Like,
Trailer for Episode 3

After a six week pause—in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement—the cast of It’s You I Like is preparing to reunite for their final episode which airs live on Zoom, Sunday July 12 at 4 p.m. ET. Episode 3—WORK—will explore, through earnest drama and humor, what work means now in these” upside-down times” of the Covid-19 quarantine and Black Lives Matter protests, happening alongside the "existential threat to humanity posed by catastrophic U.S. leadership and its refusal to confront the accelerations of the pandemic and climate crisis." We look forward to seeing you there, in the belief that together we will inspire each other through creativity, common sense, and collective action.

Monday, July 6: The How Now Show,
Season 1 Recap

Referred to by one viewer as “pretty cool,” How Now’s first five episodes acted as a cultural thermometer for Buffalo during quarantine. Over the course of many awkward Zoom calls, host Kevin Cain connected with poets, musicians, visual artists and activists as they shared the process of reimagining their craft during this time of isolation. Season 1 of How Now also featured moments of reflection, breathing exercises and a dog training video. How Now aims to inspire laughter and appreciation for the robust health and resilience of the Buffalo arts community. The IGTV show returns on July 13 with Season 2, with interviews with musician Curtis Lovell and novelist Gabriel Bump.

Wednesday, July 8: Artist Spotlight: Addison
This week’s Artist Spotlight takes as its focus Addison—a local DJ, musician, and writer whose mission is to amplify the political potential of collective joy and euphoria. Through their time spent DJing under the monikers Addie L. and Mediumship, they have delivered rhythmic narratives of techno, house, and trance music to queer dancefloors in their hometown of Buffalo as well as Pittsburgh, Brooklyn and Detroit. Addison’s passion for the rave is rooted in their trans identity and a strong belief that the cultural models of collective ecstatic release are vital in navigating our unstable future.