Eddie B. "Teachers Only Comedy Tour 21-22"

Presented by: Stage Therapy Entertainment

August 20, 2022
8 p.m.

Center for the Arts
Mainstage Theatre

Tickets: $29 - $59

eddie b standing with arms spread wearing jacket and bowtie.

Eddie B. soared to new heights by creating his own opportunity starting with his series of comical videos titled “What Teachers Really Want to Say”. In a matter of hours, those videos sparked the attention of educators all over the country when they realized that they were not alone and finally had someone to joke about the things they were reluctant to say out loud.

Shortly after, Eddie decided to take his videos to the stage selling out comedy clubs, theaters, and arenas with his “Teachers Only Comedy Tour” in 2017-2018 and the “I’m Already Professionally Developed Tour” in 2019-2020. When the worldwide pandemic made it impossible for Eddie to see his fans in person he began performing his “Teachers Only” comedy virtually! Now that things are getting back to normal Eddie B is ready to give educators more of his unfiltered comedy beginning with his “Teachers Only Summer break Tour” in 2021!