Show Your Work.

Fall 2020 – Fall 2021
UBCFA Atrium

Show Your Work

Presented and produced by UB Arts Collaboratory

Major support is provided by M&T Bank.

Additional support is provided by Savarino Companies and the Center for the Arts.

SHOW YOUR WORK continues to grow, and we begin 2021 with portraits of over 50 artists at three different sites across the Buffalo area. Building upon the long history of creative experimentation in Buffalo, Show Your Work is a tribute to our artists. An ever-expanding portrait, the installation is designed to introduce the city’s creative communities to each other. Show Your Work is ongoing invitation to collaborate and will continue to evolve with time. As it expands, the portraits and profiles of individual artists will form the foundation of the Arts Collaboratory’s Artists Index, our database of every working artist in town.

This Spring, artist and UB alum, Sara Heidinger, takes the lead as project photographer and organizer. With additional sites on the horizon and an interactive map in the works, we’ll be continuing to Show Your Work through September 2021. Hopefully, this Fall Semester, we’ll be able to experience it together!
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