Dear Friends,

During these uncertain times, artists are adapting and finding ways to be together while physically alone, charting a new course on the journey of creative expression. Arts and cultural institutions, in turn, are providing solace and solidarity by offering innovative ways to experience art, raising the collective spirit when it is needed most.  

As our community pivots from the real world to the virtual and digital realms, so too will our creative endeavors. For many artists right now, the idea of a transformation of practice could seem daunting. The Arts Collaboratory and Center for the Arts' mission to support and empower artists in the UB and Buffalo community will continue by making production support, social platforms and funding available to reimagine their projects. Recent conversations have reinforced the idea that creative people have both the temperament and skills that are especially compatible with a change in direction, and so the new path of discovery will undoubtedly yield some powerful results.

The Arts Collaboratory and CFA are committed to creating and maintaining a strong sense of community, gathering people for an exchange of ideas and, in turn, unlocking ways to collaborate. We will continue to maintain existing connections, and to forge new ones, as we adapt our programming to take place via our website, special content in newsletters and our social media platforms. We envision a virtual experience that is engaging in a way that is worthy of the creative people who will shape it.

As the great musician, David Byrne, has said: "A successful scene presents an alternative." Our aim is to create a new virtual scene, putting the power of art and creative expression to work for the UB and Buffalo community. Stay tuned!

In solidarity,

Bronwyn Keenan, Director, Arts Collaboratory
Jamie Enser, Executive Director, Center for the Arts