Our Mission


The Center For The Arts shall present a wide range of high quality performing arts and visual arts for the university, the State and the region, and enhance and augment the academic activities of the fine and performing arts departments at the University at Buffalo. Through its facilities and programs, the Center For The Arts shall play a significant role in accomplishing the mission of the university, presenting enriched educational and cultural opportunities through university performances, state and regional events, and national and international touring productions and exhibits.  The Center For The Arts shall also function as a multi-purpose facility, providing an appropriate setting for University and community events.

We support the full expression of the university mission in the arts:

The Center supports instruction in Art, Theatre and Dance, Media Study and other programs which study the creative process. In addition, the general student body and public will receive instruction through pre-performance talks, artist lectures, gallery talks and tours, graduate assistant programs, student employment, student/faculty productions and lectures, conferences, convocations, symposia and other events sponsored by departments from across the campus.

The performing and exhibit spaces in the Center support faculty and graduate student creative activity and research.  In addition, the facility may commission and/or present new work by and for faculty and professional arts organizations.

The Center will be a focal location for service to the campus and community. Pre-performance talks, public performances, exhibits, outreach programs, conferences, and receptions will be sponsored by the Center which will also serve as a rental facility for national and international organizations.


The Center For The Arts shall strive to present a diversity of quality programs including classical as well as contemporary presentations. The programs shall include events with broad public appeal as well as those with a more specialized focus, such as events featuring the newer styles and the most innovative forms on the artistic scene. The Center For The Arts will strive to be an artistic resource for the campus, state and region by offering opportunities for performance and exhibition by students, local and regional professionals and national and international artists. The Center For The Arts' educational programs are planned recognizing and complementing existing educational programs in the performing and visual arts.

Programs and exhibits are responsive to the University's mission of fostering respect for different perspectives including an appreciation of the multi-ethnic character of the nation and region. Additionally, programming should assist students to develop aesthetic values and human relationships including tolerance for differing viewpoints.


Create an educational environment of great value and distinction for our undergraduate and graduate students. Utilize touring performances and exhibits, student/faculty productions, outreach opportunities and other approaches that will allow students to experience the arts and to participate in the creative managerial and/or production functions of the Center For The Arts.

Support the full range of student and faculty pesentations in the arts and related areas. Create programs that draw students into direct contact and working relationships with leading artists and performers by incorporating master classes and workshops.

Reinforce a regional and national reputation for excellence in artistic activity, high quality performance, and creation of artistic work.

Service and Outreach:
Extend the expertise and capabilities of the Center For The Arts beyond campus boundaries through outreach activities that address the present and future educational needs of New York and its citizens.

Provide high quality productions that will contribute to the quality of life and the attraction and growth of industry and commerce in New York.

Resource Development and Institutional Advancement:
Program events that will promote cultural diversity, including international activities.

Create an environment that will attract and retain productive and creative colleagues.

Maintain and build institutional support among New York's public policy makers and citizens by more clearly communicating the positive impact UB and specifically the Center For The Arts has on New York and the opportunities that it provides its citizens.

Support activities that enhance student life, campus and community interaction and campus development activities such as receptions and dinners.

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