What is the Center for the Arts?

The Center for the Arts is a not-for-profit organization within the University at Buffalo, providing unique opportunities to the community through cultural programming and arts outreach. Built in 1993, the Center for the Arts opened to the public in 1994. The 250,000 square foot building houses four theatres, University Art Galleries, the Department of Visual Studies, the Department of Media Study, performance and studio spaces for the Department of Theatre and Dance, the Center for the Arts Cafe in the Atrium, as well as administrative offices for the non-profit organization.

The University provides an outstanding facility, utility support, and a portion of our staff salaries. In turn, the Center:

  • supports the staff, faculty and students of the University
  • serves as both a showcase and a laboratory
  • offers first-class facilities and services for academic departments
  • hosts special University events  

Our friends in the community have come to expect a high quality experience from their visits to the Center. However, the Center is much more than a venue for touring companies or community events. The energy and excitement that emanates from this facility is remarkable.

With innovative programs such as the Center's Arts in Healthcare Initiative, in which the Center is actively partnering with Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, the work of the Center is in perfect harmony with the University's plans for growth and community service.

We urge you to take part in helping us build for the future of the Center for the Arts as we work toward the goals of our mission. Thank you for your time and interest in the Center for the Arts at the University at Buffalo.  Donate now.