Why should I support the Center with a contribution?

There are so many reasons to support the Center...

Throughout the United States and Canada there are very few, if any, examples of university performing arts centers that successfully integrate the academic experience of visual and performing arts students with the reality of professional production and presentation, along with community outreach. The Center for the Arts serves as model and laboratory, fulfilling a dual mission that benefits its resident academic departments while establishing a highly regarded professional presentation series, strong outreach programs, and collaborations with other community-based organizations.

Training, student employment and internship opportunities at the Center enrich the educational experience of UB's students. In addition to developing innovative programs and maintaining a superlative experiential learning environment, the Center requires the resources to provide current technology to train students for careers in the performing and visual arts. Students are central to our planning and our programs. Through the education they receive and through opportunities the Center provides for personal and professional growth, they are prepared to contribute positively to their professions and society as a whole. The Center for the Arts is a learning-centered organization, committed to student success both on campus and after graduation.

Equally important to the Center's mission is service to the community. Those who benefit from the Center's work reside in rural, urban and suburban regions of Western New York and beyond. The Center has also played to audiences from northeast Ohio, northern Pennsylvania, the eastern part of New York, and southern Ontario, expanding audiences for the arts and increasing the economic impact of the arts in Western New York.