Contestants | Lindsey Griffith and Evan Mortiz

Griffith Mortiz

Contestants: March 10



Chaos Terrain is a performance simulation of your first day on Mars. Lindsey and Evan welcome you into the warm, lush habitat that will protect you from the harsh and inhospitable Martian atmosphere. They will tell you everything you need to know about your new life on Mars. Evan is a Space Scientist and Lindsey is a Welcome Specialist, and they can answer all of your questions, like “what happened to Earth?” and “can we ever go home again?” Wait. I’m sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now.I couldn’t find anything for Earth. Didn’t Earth kind of suck?

Lindsey Griffith is a writer, performer, teacher and interdisciplinary artist. Her practice ranges from large DIY productions and interactive art to solo performance,mixing elements of theatre and contemporary performance with sculptural props and costumes to tell stories that are absurd, funny, complex, and strange. Frequently, she explores intergenerational trauma and weird women, and riffs on popular entertainment formats. Infrequently, she goes to Kansas City and puts on an overhead projector comedy show called Shitty Guy Theater. Lindsey has a BA in literature and creative writing from Rockhurst University (Kansas City) and an MFA in theatre from Towson University (Baltimore). Her website is

Evan Moritz is a writer, director, performer and MA candidate in theatre and performance at the University at Buffalo. His research focuses on performance in Martian settlements of the near future and his solo performance practice explores similar themes. This work collectively explores exoplanet exploitation, the loss of liveness in the communication gaps between planets, global catastrophe on earth and off, and, more broadly, the sad or depressing aspects of the future. Before moving to Buffalo, Evan was the founding artistic director of the Baltimore Annex Theater, where he produced nearly 50 plays and directed 20 over the company's 10 years. His website is