Stage with rehearsal and students working at control and sound board computers from up in the seating.

Where Art is Made at UB

If you’ve been to UB, you’ve probably noticed the CFA’s home. It’s one of the most distinctive structures on campus—the one visitors love to use as a backdrop for their photos. Our atrium is such a gorgeous place, that many people assume that’s all we are—a building. But the UBCFA is so much more than a place.

On any given day, our building is a buzzing hive of artistic activity. In our theaters, plays and musicals are being conceived, practiced and performed. Downstairs, dancers are busy perfecting their movement. Our studios and classrooms are filled with UB’s student and faculty artists, all creating new works. Sets are being painted and lighting engineered. Ground breaking media projects are being crafted and films produced. Walk through the atrium on a weekday afternoon, and you’re likely to catch a performance. One hour, you’ll find the choir singing. Next, a jazz band will be playing or dancers rehearsing.

The CFA is where UB’s Arts Departments come together. A hub that connects and encourages collaboration, it’s home to a large community of artists who have come to UB to make wonderful things. But the CFA isn’t just for artists. Artists need audiences, and our door is always open to all. Come and visit—and when you do, stay a while. You never know what you might see.