Art event in the UBCFA Atrium.

Arts at UB

The CFA is the hub of a thriving arts community. Here, you’ll find the studios, theaters, workshops and classrooms used by UB’s various Arts Departments and programs. On most days, the CFA is buzzing with activity—performances are being rehearsed, sets designed, techniques learned and technologies mastered.

UB students and faculty come here to make use of the CFA’s impressive array of resources and to experience our unique learning environments and the UB Art Galleries. Whenever the Arts Collaboratory is in the house, you can feel the energy in the air. A strategic initiative started right here at UB, the Arts Collaboratory is devoted to encouraging artistic exploration, experimentation and collaboration.

  • Arts Departments and Programs
    The UBCFA is where the University at Buffalo’s Arts Departments converge. You may know us as the place where plays are staged, dances performed, art is exhibited, and UB’s artists meet their audiences. But our studios, workshops and classrooms see every stage of the creative process. Here at the UBCFA, techniques are taught, new ideas are hatched and rehearsals are held. We are where different departments and disciplines come together to collaborate, create and find inspiration.
  • Learning Environments
    With access to student exhibition spaces, video production, sound, digital, print media, sculpture, editing, dance studios, labs, and more, right in the UBCFA, our university students have the resources to experiment and create.
  • UB Art Galleries
    UB is privileged to have two art galleries dedicated to the university’s mission for academic excellence and service to the community. Each gallery presents a year-round series of exhibitions, providing students, faculty and the broader community easy access to thought-provoking art, visiting artists and stimulating educational programs.