Exterior of rear entrance of well-lit CFA building at night.

The UBCFA is committed to making the arts accessible to everyone and are always working to improve access to programs, performances, events, exhibitions and facilities to visitors with disabilities.

Questions or requests for accommodations can be directed to

Wheelchair Access and Seating

The UBCFA is accessible by wheelchair. For all performances, events or exhibitions we recommend that visitors enter through the main entrance doors. The main entrance is on level with the sidewalk in front of the UBCFA; accessible, automatic doors are available on either side of the main doors. Information on Accessible Parking

All UBCFA theatres have wheelchair and scooter accessible locations where patrons can remain in their wheelchair. Guests who cannot or do not wish to transfer from their wheelchair to a theater seat should request wheelchair accessible locations when ordering tickets. Wheelchair accessible locations are as follows:

  • Mainstage Theatre – cross aisle between the lower and upper orchestra sections (Row U) or behind the last row of orchestra seating (Row LL). The cross aisle location is accessible by elevator and patrons with disabilities will be assisted by a UB CFA Volunteer to and from the seating location.
  • Drama Theatre – In the area behind last row of seating (Row P)
  • Screening Room – In the area behind the last row of seating (Row L)
  • Black Box Theatre – Varies with performance

Accessible seating areas are solely for patrons with disabilities and their companion. Tickets for accessible seating are available by contacting or calling 716-645-2787. By purchasing an accessible seating ticket you agree that the ticket will be used only by a disabled person and his/her companion. A ticket holder may be denied entry to, or removed from, the accessible seating area if he or she is not disabled or the legitimate companion. If this occurs, the venue shall have no obligation to provide alternate seating. 

Wheelchair Use for Transport

Patrons who wish to use a wheelchair for transport and would like to transfer to a theatre seat should be aware that there are stairs in the Mainstage Theatre and Drama Theatre aisles. Patrons must purchase tickets for their desired theatre seat(s), please contact the UBCFA Ticket Office for suggestions on which seats would best meet your individual needs. Once at the theatre, UBCFA Volunteers will assist patrons with navigating the theatre to most easily access the seat location. Staff and volunteers are not able to assist patrons in transferring to or from a wheelchair, theatre seat or vehicle, operate motorized mobility aids such as scooters or to provide personal attendant services such as assisting patrons in the restrooms or similar activities.

Courtesy Wheelchairs

The UBCFA has a limited number of wheelchairs that can be used for transport only. Wheelchairs can be requested in advance by contacting or 716-645-6259 during regular business hours or onsite at coat check or concessions on a first-come, first served basis. Wheelchairs require a photo ID to be checked out.

Balcony Accessibility – Mainstage Theatre

There is NO elevator access to the Mainstage Theatre balcony, all balcony seating requires the use of stairs.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) systems are installed in all UBCFA theatres and may be used at any seat. Receivers are distributed free of charge on a first come, first served basis and are available onsite at coat check or concessions. A photo ID is required for ALDs to be checked out.

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters are available by request only. Requests for sign language interpreters must be received at least two weeks prior to the event by contacting or 716-645-6259 during regular business hours. Requests are subject to the availability of interpreters and are provided at the discretion of management.


Captioning services are available by request only. Requests for captioning must be received at least two weeks prior to the event by contacting our or 716-645-6259 during regular business hours. Requests are subject to the availability of the captioning service and are provided at the discretion of management. When captioning is available it will be located in a designated seating area where a screen for captioning services can be provided.