dance students performing in the CFA atrium.

The Center for the Arts is where art is made at the University at Buffalo.

Though we host events and exhibitions throughout the year, we’re more than a performance space. We’re an arts hub, where UB student and faculty artists and performers can find inspiration, education and community.

Visit us to find out what happens behind the scenes. All are welcome!

Featured Events and Exhibitions

Portrait of Zhanna Reed.

Show Your Work

Fall 2020–Fall 2021
UBCFA Atrium

brian regan portait.

Brian Regan

November 18, 2021
8:00 p.m.

woman standing in front of house next to artwork.

Elizabeth Murray: Back in Town

June 12–October 3, 2021
UB Anderson Gallery


Arts Collaboratory

Working Artists Lab: Cecily Brown

“This will be the first truly public art piece I’ve ever worked on, and the first time I’ve worked with a team, and I could not be more excited” says Cecily. “Buffalo is such a vibrant and interesting place and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved with something that will become part of the fabric of the city.”

Cecily Brown, painter

Renowned painter Cecily Brown stands in front of artwork.

How Art Gets Made


Art in the Atrium captures the performances and activities that take place around the clock in our gorgeous, light-filled atrium.

Arts Collaboratory

Show Your Work Exhibition

“Bringing creative minds together results in great art and big ideas. All too often, the arts exist in their own separate bubbles. The goal of the Arts Collaboratory’s Show Your Work exhibition at the UBCFA is to introduce UB and Buffalo’s painters, poets, dancers and creators to each other—and gather this city’s artists into one big community.” 

Bronwyn Keenan, Director of the Arts Collaboratory

Students standing in front of artwork in the CFA atrium.

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