Spring into Art was held in the atrium and screening room of the Center for the Arts in April 2023. The event showcased creators and artists from the departments of Art, Theatre and Dance, Music, and Media Study. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Free Arts Hub Events

The CFA fosters unity in UB's arts scene, curating relaxed gatherings that unite artists and enthusiasts, igniting collaborations, networking, and spotlighting the work that is being created by the artists UB.

ice cream cone with paint splatters as ice cream.

The Center Scoop

September 10, 2024

Stop by the CFA Atrium to grab some free ice cream🍦, and meet other students, faculty and staff across the arts!

Free to UB students, faculty and staff

Art in the Open

October 29, 2024

Art in the Open is a chance for guests to meet university artists and go behind the scenes to get a glimpse of the art being made at UB. We invite guests to enjoy our atrium music and dance performances, view films and installations, explore our studios, performance, and art-making spaces, see art gallery exhibitions, and drop in on rehearsals to experience works in process.

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Spring into Art

Apr. 29, 2025

Celebrate Spring at the UB Center for the Arts! Spring into Art brings together and showcases the diverse talents of the artists and creators across the arts at UB. The UBCFA comes alive with performances, installations, interactive activities, and more! Guests are invited to see, celebrate, and experience the artistry that happens right here on campus. 

How Art Gets Made


Video series highlighting the artists and art made here at the UBCFA. Subscribe to the UBCFA YouTube channel and follow us on social media each week as we guide you into the UBCFA’s art-making spaces and pull back the curtain on how artworks and performances are conceived, crafted, and presented.

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