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Art in the Open

Thursday, October 27, 2022 | 5-7:30 p.m. | Free and Open to the public

The UB Center for the Arts is the hub of a bustling arts community where dancers, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and artists of every imaginable stripe come to work and perform. Each Fall, the UBCFA opens our studios, rehearsal spaces, and doors to bring this wealth of creativity out into the open. The work of artists from UB College of Arts and Sciences will be showcased, with performances and activities curated and produced by UB students, faculty and staff from the departments of ArtArts ManagementUB Art GalleriesMedia StudyMusicTheatre and Dance and the Arts Collaboratory.

Attendees at this free event have the opportunity to listen to live music, view films, tour studio and lab spaces, view art galleries exhibitions and drop in on a theatre and dance open rehearsal. The event offers the opportunity for visitors to meet students and faculty to learn about UB’s rich offering of art programs and the creativity its departments bring to the campus and community.

Art in the Open is presented by the Center for the Arts and Arts Collaboratory.

For more information, please contact the Center for the Arts at

We welcomed audiences back at this annual event that showcases music, dance, theatre, film and visual art that is made at UB. “Seeing all of the creative activity in the open highlights UB’s vast offering of programs and the artistry of our students and faculty. Art in the Open is an invitation for everyone, both the UB and Western New York communities, to come and explore the incredible artistic work that is created here.” – Jamie M. Enser, Executive Director, Center for the Arts

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