Orientation Leaders, with Orientation, Transition and Parent Programs, part of Student Life, gather for a group spirit display on the Spine on North Campus in July 2021.

Art in the Open Program

Arts Collaboratory

Live Turntable DJ performance by DJ Optimus Prime, recent collaborator on programming associated with the Arts Collaboratory Working Artists Lab with Grandmaster Flash

Studios close and live music performance by Chango4 and way2wavybaby, C4W2. C4W2 were recent artists-in-residence at the Arts Collaboratory’s pop-up project space, The Space Between. The artists will perform work that was developed at The Space Between, versions of which were performed at the Silo City Reading Series and Beau Fleuve Music & Arts Festival in August. Their paintings, emotional interference and  Building Blocks (WIP),are installed in the CFA Atrium.

The City Talks to Itself, on display in the CFA Atrium, pays homage to the origins of Buffalo’s mural movement and celebrates the independent artists and unsung heroes who devote their time, energy and materials to creating works for the entire city to enjoy. UB alum Josh Federice has created a massive collage for the CFA that features street art found across Buffalo, including highlights from the Arts Collaboratory’s Street Art Bike Tour in August.

Visit Tayron Lopez’s (Taiitan), the Arts Collaboratory’s 2021/2022 artist-in-residence and UB MFA student, installation in the CFA Atrium titled, An attempt at Illustrating the enffable while walking to E 163rd St in the Bronx. The Arts Collaboratory’s artist-in-residence is an annual opportunity for a UB student in the arts to receive a live-work space at 500 Seneca, generously donated by Savarino Companies.

UB Art Galleries

Current Exhibitions

First Floor Gallery – Afrotecture (Re)Collection – Heather Hart’s exhibition that stems from the artist’s research on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated

Second Floor Gallery – F: Reconstituting Tolstoy College – which explores the origins, lifespan and eventual dissolution an anarchist educational community within UB

Department of Music

Atrium Performances

5:30pm – UB Jazz Ensemble (George Caldwell, director)

6:10pm – UB Choir and Chamber Singers (Claudia Brown, director)

6:45pm – UB Percussion Ensemble (John Bacon, director)

7:20pm – Open! String Ensemble (Johnathan Golove, director)

Department of Media Study

Open Studios

Michael Chernoff • Room 271

Michael Chernoff - Weather Service Alert (7:01) • Room 270

Martin Freeman Installation - For The Birds • 2nd Floor Bridge

Joan Nobile • Room 258B

Vav Vavrek • Room 258A

Screening Room (Room 112)

Screening Schedule

Léwuga Benson – The Places I Know (9:38) (Professor Laura Kraning’s DMS 418/518 Landscape Projections)

Jesse Rodkin – Moon Juice (5:06) (Professor Laura Kraning’s DMS 418/518 Landscape Projections)

Michael Chernoff – Discarding Earth (7:47) (Professor Laura Kraning’s DMS 418/518 Landscape Projections)

Olu Akanbi – Cruzando (6:10)  (Professor Laura Kraning’s DMS 418/518 Landscape Projections)

Blake Barit – Barrier (3:19)

Jason Livingston – The Five Year Plan [In-Progress] (17:59)

Room 232

Screening Schedule

Blake Barit – Flag (2:54)

Olu Akanbi – Ghost Town (10:00)

Michael Chernoff – The Libertarian (4:03)

Jack Kincaid – Entity X (6:07) 

Room 235

Screening Schedule

Ishween Jolly – Sikh Empire (4:25)

Jack Kincaid – 53 (3:35)

Kalpana Subramanian – Woolgathering (3:27)

Michael Chernoff - $50.00 Video Production (6:05)

Blake Barit – Journey to Sunrise (7:32) 

Lab Side Hallway

Jason Geistweidt DMS 551 Installations by:

Martin Freeman, Tim Georger, Joan Nobile, Alex Solomon, Kayleigh Young, and Xuwen Zhang 

Description: DMS 551, Physical Computing, introduces basic concepts and techniques for designing, constructing, and programming objects, spaces, and media that sense and respond to their physical surroundings. Students this semester are working on a variety of incursions into physical space, the first of which is the focus of this installation: narrative circuits. Taking our cue from Anthony Dunne’s assertion that many of the technological media we encounter are post-optimal in nature – deriving their significance less from their affordances and more from the stories created around/about them – participants have been charged with building fully-functional useless circuits rendered in a Manhattan, or otherwise volumetric style. The accompanying narratives contextualize the circuits within a cultural dialogue. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the media. 

Room 278

Sama Waham’s DMS 418/518 Innovative Video

Work by: Courtlin Byrd, Michael Chernoff, Medford Deforest, Jesse Rodkin, Jack Kincaid, Nicholas Criscitello, Quentin Jarzynski

Room 246

Joan Nobile’s DMS 103 Basic Video – A Day In The Life of DMS 103 (10:15)

Work by: Katie Daugherty, Aneesh Kompally, Augustine Peprah-Frimpong II, Anais Puentes, Parker Tackley, Nyasia Talbot, and Axel Turpin 

ER Monitor

Blake Barit – Let Go (7:21) 

Department of Art

Open Studios

Samuel Allison – Room 130

Maria Barrientos – Room 133

Bello Bello – Room 219A

Andrea Buer – Room 212B

Alexander Cassetti – Room 212A

Nicole Chochrek – Room B36

Medford Deforest – Room 215

Josie Freeman – Room B18

Martin Freeman – Room 219B

Robert George – Room B19

Naomi Harris – Room B35

Anja Honisett – Room 207A

Marguerite Kellam – B21

Tai Lopez – Room 217

Quincey Miracle – Room B20

Unai Reglero Porras – Room 138

Taylor Robers – Room 214A

Soda – Room 207B

Walker Tufts – Room 209

Edreys Wajed – Room 216

PhD – Room 226A 

ART Faculty Showcase – Room 132 (Platform Lab)


Department of Art Gallery - Incoming - an exhibition featuring UB Department of Art's incoming class of 2023 MFA Candidates

The Project Space – Lucas Cooke

Department of Theatre and Dance

6-8 p.m. | Emerging Choreographers Showcase: Open Rehearsal

Drama Theatre


Student Assistant to the Director:  KELSEY WEGMAN

The University at Buffalo Department of Theatre and Dance presents Emerging Choreographers Showcase 2021.  “Embracing Action,” directed by Joyce Miller Lichtenberger, features new dance works created by both graduate and undergraduate choreographers. In keeping with the diverse traditions of the UB dance department, Emerging Choreographers Showcase celebrates diversity in both genre and theme, presenting work ranging from Contemporary to Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop and More!. Innovative lighting and projection designs by theatre design and technology students, under the mentorship of Lynne Koscielniak, add to the collaboration.

Production Designers: Eve Brunswick, Jacob Clouse, Jonathan J. Dodds, Isabella Fortunato, Annie Pascucci, Katja Rabus, Nicholas J. Taboni, Timothy “TJ” Wildow

Featured Choreographers: Ruby Abraham, Abby Cass, Lyssie Hartzog, Timothy Mayberry, Karrigan Rotella, Theo, Samantha Tilley and Christina Tribo

Dancers: Stephanie Avila, Rachel Bakowski, Sidney Bowers, Michela Bradley, Shannon Brien, Maya Calvo, Kiara Cieslinski, Sophia Fino, Mia Gionis, Jen Gorcheck, Sophia Gualano, Alisa Guiffrida, Juliana Guiffrida, Abby Hankinson, Devon Hard, Kenny Harrison, Amanda Healey, Victoria-Rose Hyl, Melanie Kaisen, Kyle Kershner, Rebecca Leonard, Olivia Lopez, Ava Lovsin, Katy Maddalina, Morgan Mahoney, Delia Mandik, Gia Maresca, Gabi Marshall, Leah McNerney, Gianna Militello, Ariana Mullin, Alexa Nanfro, Ryan Nappi, Mackenzie Pedersen, Mia Pierce, Madison-Mei Pryce, Kelly Quinn, Celia Ramos, Taylor Rose Williamson, Lauren Saab, Ella Sampson, Haley Sanders, Shania Simko, Maddie Sipowiczi, Natasha Sskidmore, Katie Stanley, Kelsey Sullivan, Maddy Temple, Samantha Tilley, Hayley Timberlake, Fallon Tuholski, Karina Wakulchuk, Kelsey Wegman

Zodiaque 47 (live stream video)

Drama Theatre

Directors: Michael Deeb Weaver, Lynne Koscielniak, Kerry Ring

Production Designers: Eve Brunswick, Jacob Clouse, Jonathan J. Dodds, Isabella Fortunato, Sophie McGuire, Annie Pascucci, Katja Rabus, Nicholas J. Taboni, Timothy “TJ” Wildow

Choreographers:  Melanie Aceto, Anna Caison Boyd, Jacquie Cherry, Michael Deeb Weaver, Chanon Judson, Meg Kirchhoff, Thomas Ralabate, Kerry Ring, Takehiro Ueyama

Dancers:  Stephanie Avila, Sidney Bowers, Michaela Bradley, Maya Calvo, Kiara Cieslinski, Rachel Emerling, Sophia Fino, Maria Gionis, Jen Gorcheck, Alisa Guiffrida, Juliana Guiffrida, Lyssie Hartzog, Victoria-Rose Hyl, Melanie Kaisen, Kyle Kershner, Ava Lovsin, Tim Mayberry, Gianna Militello, Theo Qu, Kiara Stuart, Kelsey Sullivan, Christina Tribo, Kelsey Wegman, Ztaylor Rose Williamson, Brennah Woollis

T&D Tech Display

Drama Theatre

Bella Fortunato, TJ Wildrow, Jack Dobbs, Katja Rabus, Sophie McGuire, Annie Pascalucci, Eve Brunswick, Jacob Clouse and Nick Taboni