spring into art logo in front of cfa atrium.

Spring Into Art 2023

May 2, 2023 | 5 p.m. | CFA Atrium | FREE and open to the public

Spring Into Art 2023 Program

Celebrate Spring at the UB Center for the Arts! Spring into Art showcases creators and artists from the departments of Art, Theatre and Dance, Music, and Media Study. The UBCFA atrium and screening room will come alive with performances, installations, interactive activities, and FREE refreshments! Come see, celebrate, and experience the artistry that happens right here on campus. 

Evening Highlights

  • Dance, music and musical theatre performances
  • Interactive pop-up stations
  • Films, digital projects and installations 
  • Art exhibitions
  • Costume design and technology collaborator exhibits
  • Enter to win tickets to CFA Performances
  • Join the artists, meet fellow UB students and guests for mingling and enjoy FREE spring time refreshments!

At the conclusion of the event, join us at Lippes Concert Hall at Slee Hall at 7:30 pm. for the Center for 21st Century Music: Slee Sinfonietta performance. Tickets are $10 and free to UB Students. 

Presented by the Center for the Arts  in collaboration with the departments of ArtArts ManagementUB Art GalleriesMedia StudyMusicTheatre and Dance, and the Arts Collaboratory.

Spring into Art is FREE and open to the public.

For more information, please contact the Center for the Arts at ubcfa@buffalo.edu.

Atrium Interactive Pop-Up Stations

Drop-In Printmaking, Department of Art 

  • The screens are coming up from the printmaking labs for hands-on printmaking. Attendees will be able use the popular squeegees, making hand-pulled screen prints of a custom "Spring Into Art" motif. With a collection of rubber stamps made by students, participants can customize their designs, for a greeting card or small poster takeaway. Whitney Kehl (Art Resource Manager), and Jeff Sherven (Print Media Technician) have collaborated with undergraduate student Kylie Naylor to present this unique artmaking experience. See what creations you can find up your sleeve!

Never Stop Growing Mural, Career Design Center

  • Everyone is an artist! Participate in creating a mobile community mural and also learn about the resources that the Career Design Center offers.

Particle People, Rachel Galet, Department of Media Study

  • Experiment with an interactive media filter and see what you discover!

Atrium Exhibits

Art MFA Showcase, Department of Art 

  • In March 2023, “The First Show”, a group exhibition of the cohort of 1st year MFA students, was presented at CEPA Gallery in Downtown Buffalo.  A selection of 2-D and 3-D works from this show will be re-exhibited. The featured MFA students work across mediums and inspirations, and yet viewers of this showcase may notice a variety of thematic and stylistic unifying threads, amongst the works of this talented and diverse group of artists.

Costume Design Showcase, Department of Theatre and Dance, Mainstage Theatre Display

  • Curated by Zechariah Saenz (Assistant Professor/Costume Shop Manager) and Cindy Darling (Assistant Costume Shop Manager)

Technology Collaborators Exhibit, Department of Theatre and Dance

  • Featuring a collection of design work from Projection Designer Lukmaan Arif (Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella), Lighting Designer Ethan Borrok (The 25th Annual Putnum Country Spelling Bee), Set Designer E Lyons (Eurydice) and Set Designer Lynne Koscielniak with Projection Designer Nicholas J. Taboni and Technical Director Rick Haug (Murder on the Orient Express for All for One Productions/Shea's

Stalagmites, E Lyons, Department of Theatre and Dance

  • Within the context of UB’s Spring production of Eurydice, these three sculptures functioned as a means to contextualize the geography of the underworld: a cavernous “recycling center” for the deceased and discarded. Sculptures were originally displayed around the perimeter of the black box theatre, along with other stray detritus, and a “memory gallery” of photographs from the cast, production team, and department. 

Atrium Performances

5 p.m.   Celebration Rising by Zodiaque Dance Company, Department of Theatre and Dance

  • Choreography: Tom Ralabate (Professor Emeritus)
  • Zodiaque Dance Company Directors: Kerry Ring and Michael Deeb Weaver
  • Dancers:  Kiara Cieslinski, Sophia Fino, Sarah Gualano, Alisa Guiffrida, Juliana Guiffrida, Abby Hankinson, Juliana Hassouna, Amanda Healy, Olivia Lopez, Delia Mandik, Alexa Nanfro, Haley Sanders, Natasha Skidmore, Madison Temple, Nina Tucker, Fallon Tuholski, Brennah Woollis 
  • See the Zodiaque perform their infamous bow piece, which will also be recorded and produced for a promotional video.

5:35 p.m.  Matthew Machelor, Piano, with Quinn Petkus bass accompaniment, Department of Music

  • Performing Vitamin P (M Machelor), Strollin down Something Street (M Machelor), Seascape (M Machelor), Once Forgotten (R Hargrove), Peg (Becker/Fagen)

6 p.m.   Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella, Department of Theatre and Dance

  • Brooke Leary as Cinderella; Dylan Saglian as Prince Tophe and Emory Redfearn as Marie
  • Matt Marco, piano accompaniment
  • Performing selections from the musical including In My own Little Corner, Impossible, Loneliness of Evening, There’s Music in You, Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful, The Proposal

6:30 p.m. Instructions not included dance performance by Lili Stern, Arts Management Program

6:45 p.m  Broadway Favorites performed by Derrian Brown, Department of Theatre and Dance

  • Performing a collection of songs from the musical theatre genre, including
  • Waving Through A Window, Who I'd Be, Friend Like Me
  • Brooke Leary and David Eve will join Derrian.

Art Exhibitions

I don’t know you like that: The Bodywork of Hospitality, UB Art Galleries exhibition, First Floor

  • Have you ever considered the interplay between the body and hospitality? Or wondered how hospitality might be fleshed out? Hospitality is usually considered a philosophical concept with legal implications, an ethical concern, a social/political practice… or an industry. Developed by guest curator Sylvie Fortin, I don’t know you like that: The Bodywork of Hospitality shifts the focus to consider the stealth work of hospitality on our conceptual, material, and political understanding of bodies

Reflections of Impermanence, UB Department of Art BFA Senior Thesis exhibition, Lower Gallery

  • The exhibition features BFA candidates Payton Blesy, Naija Boles, Andrew Busso, Cassi Grace Cegielski, Ma-Nya Champagne, Twiggy Falise, Anthony Foglia, Ashrita Gupta, Colleen Hanratty, Claire Hemmingway, Aanika Nawar, Ozzy Osborne, Salma Sadia, Emma Stanton, Rachel Tranter, Jitong Zhang, Xin Yu Zheng. The thesis course and resulting group exhibition has been led by Faculty Victoria Udondian. 

Two guided tours of Reflections of Impermanence, led by student artist participants, will occur at 5:15 p.m. and 6:15 p.m

Moments of Torque, UB Department of Art, Project Space (room 155) and Atrium bridge

  • This group exhibition highlights work by students in ART329/330/429, Intermediate to Advanced Sculpture. The instructor of the course, Art Faculty Reinhard Reitzenstein, has curated this installation. Visitors are welcome to experience the multiplicity of interpretations for torque in visual terms. 

Screening Room Film and Digital Project Showcase

Selections from Prof. Laura Kraning’s EXPERIMENTAL MOVING IMAGE & INTERMEDIATE POST-PRODUCTION, Department of Media Study

  • Qualia, Sergio de la Vega, Robbie Palmer, Emma Bray
  • Collage Animation 2, Brandon Hogan, Sydney Duval, Jade Wallace, Kamau Hawthorne
  • Experiments in Time, Ryan Lewis
  • Collage Animation 3, Ryan Lewis, Eric Devore, Axel Knight
  • What CAN I Do, Kamau Hawthorne
  • Collage Animation 4, Tyler Mathis, Christian Downes
  • We Are the Limits Control, Sydney Duval
  • VHS Nation, Francis Brandt
  • Changes in Pressure, Axel Knight
  • Glimpse, Carsten Staehlin
  • The Self is an Illusion, Sergio de la Vega
  • Life of a Star, Sarah Clark
  • Before, Carter Green
  • Infinite Realm of Incomparable Suffering, Brandon Steiger, Carsten Staehlin, Zach Henninger
  • 16mm Direct Animation from FA22 Experimental Moving Image class

Leaving You To Meet Me, Jamie Hager, Department of Media Study

It's All in Your Head, Sara Dembski, Department of Media Study

Unexpected Results – Techno Permutations and Indeterminate Images, Jeff Fineberg, UB Information Technology

Design and Technology Collaborators Exhibit

  • Featuring a collection of design work from Projection Designer Lukmaan Arif (Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella), Lighting Designer Ethan Borrok (The 25th Annual Putnum Country Spelling Bee), Set Designer E Lyons (Eurydice) and Set Designer Lynne Koscielniak with Projection Designer Nicholas J. Taboni and Technical Director Rick Haug (Murder on the Orient Express for All for One Productions/Shea's

Please note that the screening program will run at 5 p.m. and 6:15 p.m.

Media Study Studio 278 Installation

Glitched, Department of Media Study (Studio 278)

  • An Experimental Narrative Installation By Jamie Hager, Eric Devore, Sean Mansfield, Aisha Chowdhury

Feeling Around the BlkBx, Tim Georger, Department of Media Study (Studio 281)

  • An Interactive Piece for 4 Speakers & Midi Fighter Twister. To live in the modern world is to sacrifice oneself to black boxes; systems which receive an input and produce an output, while hiding the process the system took going from input to output. The user---often satisfied with their song recommendation, drivable car, or access to the internet---rarely thinks twice about this fact. This regularly places ourselves in what James Burke would call a "Technological Trap", situations in which the sudden breakdown of complex, intertwined technologies would result in catastrophic outcomes due to a lack of knowledge on the functioning of said technologies. Every time you walk into an elevator, you trust that ii will not malfunction. But can we use black boxes for expressive purposes? Can black boxes allow us to say something despite not understanding them? If we feel around the outside of a black box, can we meaningfully understand its insides? Feeling Around the BlkBx is an interactive acousmatic piece that invites you to answer this question.